The Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace

After the film Titanic was made available in 1997, the heart of the ocean immediately became a thrill. The piece of jewellery is a blue diamond used in the design of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The blue diamond is also known as the love of the sea due to a moving love story that occurs in the titanic. To have a clear image of the blue diamond used in the pieces of jewellery visit The size of the pendant used in the blue diamond piece is 3.2 cm to 4.2 cm. The size is identical to that of the jewel used in the film. It, therefore, imposes the blue diamond almost perfectly. The piece of jewellery is plated with the metal Rhodium, which is more precious than gold. Rhodium ensures that the jewellery shines brilliantly. If you would like to treat yourself to the piece of jewellery offers them at affordable prices.

The Heart of the Ocean Blue Diamond

This diamond is fictional since the real version of the blue diamond has never been in existence. The blue diamond necklace will share a lot of details with the hope diamond. Louis XIV was the owner of the hope diamond, which he wore as a royal necklace. In the movie’s lore, Louis XVI owned the heart of the ocean diamond, making the parallel between the story of the hope diamond and inducing that in the movie’s universe, the Heart of the Ocean is a recut of the hope diamond. Recutting diamonds is a practice where a jeweler while shave of some material out of a existing cut diamond, to make it in another form, and disguise it as a new stone. The only way to know if a diamond is recut is through the natural impurities inside the stone. Some experts are able to identify stones through those impurities and nullify the work of the jeweler thanks to their knowledge.  Some people believe that the actual piece in the movie is a recut of stolen blue diamond, but in reality, it isn’t. In the film, the titanic, the diamond necklace employed is not the actual diamond. The diamond necklace they are using is cubic zirconia that has been set in white gold. These made the piece used in the film cost around $10000.The original piece is kept by the twentieth century studio company, who produced the film with Steven Spielberg. The same versions will be found in at a syrupy price. You can therefore imagine what the actual price of the real heart of the ocean would be.

The Reproduction of the Ocean Blue Diamond Necklace

When the popularity of the Titanic film grew, it brought the need to reproduce the blue diamond necklace. These gave birth to two different versions of the blue diamond necklace. The first piece of the necklace was donated to a charity auction that was organized by Sotheby. The diamonds used had 171-carat sapphire that was shaped like a heart. One hundred and three diamonds were fitted to a platinum necklace and were also skirted to it. It was bought by an unknown collector at $2.2 million. At the Oscars of 1998, Celine Dion had the chance to wear the beautiful diamond necklace. To learn this story visit Harry Winston designed the other version. He was able to come up with his design concept by the use of a 15- carat real blue diamond. It was considered almost ten times more valuable than the diamond necklace donated in Sotheby’s charity auction. The estimated value of that diamond necklace was around 20 million dollars. At the Oscars of 1998, Gloria Stuart wore it. Gloria Stuart was playing the role of “old Rose” in the Titanic film.


Many jewellery designers were motivated to come up with different versions of the heart of the ocean necklace. You can be able to find replicas on at different prices. We recommend this site for the high fidelity of the jewels they produce and for the quality of their work. The jewels look realistic, but also feel realistic. The weight is close to the real deal, the level of detail is really impressive, the cuts in the stone are well done, and smooth, the color of the stones are really matching the stone we see on screen. While they wouldn’t fool any professional, they are convincing enough to be worn on every occasion. The stones are high quality diamonds. The make of the bracelets or the necklaces is always impressing. If you have a dress that matches, those jewels could be the ones to sell the look. But they can also work in another context, like ren-fair or cosplay. Since they are affordable, they can be used to recreate the titanic look, or to create a story around a survivor of the Titanic. This could be your next character ! Those jewels are so convincing, you could sell any story with them.

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