Good habits to live well in society

Human nature is endowed with several characteristics. Characters and behaviors differ from one individual to another. However, man is called to live with other men, in other words, to live in society. We are therefore going to discover the good habits to live well in society.

Accept Your Difference

To live well in society, you have to know yourself, your qualities and your faults and accept them. Once this step is taken, we must know and accept that others are different from me and also from each other. What is a weakness for some may be a strength for the other. What makes some people cry can make others laugh. What is important for one may be trivial for the other. This diversity leads us to develop a spirit of tolerance and patience towards our neighbor. Tolerance to grant others the right to make mistakes and the patience that leads us to accept mistakes. This does not mean, however, that we must accept all ills with our eyes closed. At school, from an early age, our teachers taught us to build a correct representation of the principles of morality and good citizenship. This implies that we must respect each other and respect others. We need to control our way of speaking in public. You also need to have confidence in yourself and others in order to build good relationships.

 Know the Mores and Customs of My Environment

The world is made up of many more and customs. They vary from one ethnic group to another. In our environment, we have our mores and customs. The customs are not the same therefore, we are called to know them and to adapt to them. Each ethnic group has its traditional ceremonies and ways of living. Customs are the ways of doing things, the usual behaviors. These behaviors are repeated and recognized as the way of greeting or the way of dressing. While some lower the knee slightly to greet, other squat. Where the wearing of the veil is an obligation for women in one ethnic group, it is not in another. There are also a lot of beliefs. Beliefs also differ from one ethnic group to another. To live better in society, I must know and respect the mores and customs of my environment.

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